Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At the Clambake!

So I stopped by Clambake Animation in Watertown today, for and informational interview. I'm not quite sure what they thought of me . They were pretty hard to read. I was given a tour of the office and they looked at my work. It seems like a really awesome atmosphere to work in and I already have a friend working there. The have some really interesting and fun-sounding projects going on now and in the future, so I'm really excited about the possibility of working there. I don't think that I am exactly what they were looking for, because my focus is mainly in stop-motion, but I can only hope that they see that I can meet and exceed their needs. Hopefully all goes well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


As promised, some of my sketches ...

New things going down ... sorta

So I haven't really been up to much lately. I've just been putting in hours at work and getting sick as many times as possible. What is with these god-damned colds?! Well anyways ... I sent in my submission to the Ottawa International Animation Festival today, so hopefully that goes well. I've also been procrastinating on sending my reels out to studios ... not really something to be proud of though. I have been sketching and keeping the gears in my head turning though. While on a strike for an event on top of the Prudential, there was this broken fiberglass statue in the trash, so I scored it and put it in the truck. I'm thinking I'm gonna make it into an "old one" statue. Just a little Lovecraftian "artifact." Heres some images of the statue and what I plan to do with it. I'll post some of my recent sketch-bookings after this.